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Aloha from Robin in Hanalei Kauai
On Saturday, February 4th we ended the winter season Qi Gong classes at Kahuna Valley in Kauai.

To my amazement, Francesco was kind enough to offer classroom space for any students who took the Organ Cleansing certification. I see this as a huge opportunity. It is a space and a time that we have carved out of our lives for the past 3-4 months to nutrure our spirits. I think it would be very easy to get back into our busy lives and pretend that all of this really didn't matter. I would like ...
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Nurturing Qi
Isn't it wonderful... I have practiced this form for years now, and still it amazes me how I become even more comfortable with the movements and energy. Lovely!
Posted by Dutch Lotus on  

Foot Position in Qigong Practice
Many people want clarity around foot position when practicing standing Qigong forms:

Maintaining your feet shoulder width apart is a good "starting point" to keep people conscious in Qigong practice... the fact is, our bodies are all unique and a little modification is ok to stay comfortable and in your power. Avoid rigidity, keeping knees slightly bent, and listen to your body... toes out a little are usually more grounding and can protect knees on some people... The key is to remain conscious ...
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Reflections after the Qigong For Cleansing Training
As I review in memory a delightful Labor Day weekend devoted to the Organ Cleansing Qigong instructors certtification course, I have quite a few topics to cover. Some may be of interest to everyone. Others are my responses to questions/discussions with one or more classmates; but which I speculate may be of general interest. As the song says, "Take what you need and leave the rest" (The Band, "The NIght They Drove Old DIxie Down").

1. Qigong & Kirtan.
One Wednesday the 7th, still floating ...
Posted by eli on  

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